TMBT: Buy Great Beer

Since moving into a new house, I now have ample space to collect all sorts of bizarre/seasonal offerings.  What does this really mean?  Probably more Too Many Bottle Tuesdays as I dig around just to see what I can find out in the beer ether.  This week’s installment comes to us courtesy of Southern Tier with their ambitious new stout that seeks to bring some of the decadent flavor of Creme Brulee to your drinking experience.

Souther Tier Creme Brulee Stout

Appearance : Jet black in color with a small caramel colored head.  The head has a nice dark brown tint belying the richness of flavor that one would expect.

Aroma : Monster smells of caramel and vanilla.  The aroma is intense.   At this point without having tasted the beer, the drinker is promised rich tapestry of flavors just from the impressive aroma and appearance.

Taste : And….The Creme Brulee Stout cashes this hefty check.  This beer is extremely rich, just like the dessert. Vanilla and  caramel flavors abound through out the stout.  The sweet flavors mixed with traditional dark malts leave a feeling of sweet syrupyness.  The vanilla flavor feels almost like a punch in the face.

Mouthfeel :  Thick and syrupy.  This feels like a meal in a glass.  The heaviness puts a limit on the amount that you might want to drink in one sitting.

Overall : Certainly an interesting beer that has it’s place in the “I can’t believe they brewed that category.”  This is wonderful to share and keep for a special occasion.  Impress your friends that fancy themselves wine experts with this complex concoction that challenges the perception of what a beer can be.  Serve with Creme Brulee or a decadent cake/torte for a real treat!

Recycling your bottles, cans, and paper in Dallas

One of the things we strongly believe in at the Drunk Yinzer is in recycling. This includes your bottles, cans and paper goods. A lot of the breweries we go to do this, but some don't. Here are some resources you can go to in order to recycle in Dallas (or they will come to you!): CMC for bottles, Recycle Revolution, and A Shred 2 Pieces for paper recycling. The benefit of going to places like this is that you can recycle in bulk, which is often if you drink like us. If you like drink like us, drink and then recycle!